Our Companies

We believe that you deserve the best nature has to offer so we have designed exclusive and high-quality, nutritional formulations that can help take your health to the BioLife provides organic nutritional supplements to help you stay healthy, boost your energy, and improve your overall well-being. We stand by our promise to bring you only the best and that’s why our formulas use natural vegetable glycerin, an excellent component instead of alcohol or other harmful preservatives for our liquid extracts. We never compromise the value of the ingredients we use because we want you to get the most from them. The cold-press extraction method is used to protect these wonderful gifts of nature since heat can destroy these essential compounds. Our production method protects beneficial enzymes, vital nutrients, and plant constituents that we rely on for our daily nutrition! 

Usa Credit Repair is a credit repair company geared to help you increase your credit score and keep it stable. They provide financial counseling and coaching to make sure you are successful in having a great credit score.

At Bio Life Farms the mission is to bring you top quality premium THC-Free CBD products. Our all natural line has the best ingredients and is carefully tested to ensure quality and consistency all at a reasonable price. Our aim is to make sure that our products will bring you holistic relief.

Linkup Radio is USA’s premier Caribbean authority. Dedicated to offering captivating news, stimulating talk and trendsetting music, Linkup Radio reigns as the number one destination for quality Caribbean entertainment.

Preventive is the newest brand on the block! Coming soon, Proventive is centered around fitness, nutrition and lifestyle to get into your best shape!

T-shirts for Mankind’s primary wish is to promote positive messages that motivates, educate and celebrate our people past and present. As the name suggests we create t-shirts for mankind. This is a lifestyle brand and the aim is to promote positive messages through the brands line of quality t-shirts suited for everyone.

Sani Luxe Clean is a high end cleaning services and product company for luxury Properties and boutique businesses in the New York Metro Area.

Wash On Wheels Supplies, have a passion for making cars look their best, carry a line of premium car care and detailing products – from the All Purpose Cleaner to the incredibly sudsy (and colorful!) foam soaps, shipped directly to your door!